Other Services

House Sitting

Perhaps you don’t own a pet but you are going on vacation and would like to make sure your ‘home sweet home’ is safe and sound during your time away?

La Trotterie can help by bringing in your mail, watering your in and outdoor plants, turning on the lights and the radio, changing the curtains, making sure there is no flooding and that you haven’t forgotten to turn off the stove! Have peace of mind in knowing that thieves will think you are at home even though really you are lying on a beach in Cayo Coco!



Each visit:

Additional fees

* Annulation moins de 24 heures : 50% du tarif

* Réservation urgente moins de 24 heures : ajoutez 5$ au tarif régulier

Pet Food Delivery

La Trotterie can purchase your pet food and deliver it to your doorstep. The fee $10 plus the cost of food.



Pet food delivery:



Complimentary Notes

After each visit, we let you know how the walk, pet-sitting or house sitting was to give you more peace of mind about the goings on while you were away.