Cat Sitting

Why have your cat sitted at home rather than use a traditional cat boarding establishment?

‘In ancient times, cats were revered as gods…they have never forgotten this.’  Author unknown

Trips outside the home can often make a cat very nervous and distraught and it may take up to a week for a cat to return to normal after this shock.  

This is why many people opt for in-house cat-sitting services where we change the cat litter, turn on the radio, refresh the water and offer lots of play and cuddling time if the cat so requires. 

We can also open the windows in the summer to let some fresh air in or make sure the heating is working properly in the winter.  

Even if cats are solitary and quiet by nature, they surely will appreciate some company and a little entertainment during your absence.



First consultation:
one 30-minute visit :
two 30-minute visits:
Each additional 15-minute visit:
Each additional pet:

Additional fees

* Last minute reservation less than 24 hours notice: $5.00 extra (10$ for provincial and federal holidays)

* Weekend visits: $5.00 extra

* Extra costs for mileage may be added